Awesome Algorand

⚡ A curated list of awesome resources related to the Algorand Blockchain.

Algorand is an open-source, proof of stake blockchain and smart contract computing platform.

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Official resources for Algorand.


List of wallet providers for Algorand. Please note that this list is not exhaustive and is not an endorsement of any wallet provider. ⚠️ Given the attacks on MyAlgo wallet users, related sdk has been excluded from the list.

Blockchain Explorers

List of blockchain explorers for Algorand. Used to view transactions, accounts, assets, etc.

Portfolio Trackers

List of portfolio trackers for Algorand. Aids in tracking the value of your assets.

Learning Resources

List of learning resources for Algorand. Includes courses, tutorials, and other resources.

Crash Courses

General courses

Please note these are intended for absolute beginners interested in foundational knowledge relatable to all blockchain systems. Building a theoretical understanding of the domain of Blockchain protocols is an important prerequisite that can significantly amplify your learning about Algorand technology.


Development Tools

Awesome client libraries, tools, and community utilities.


AlgoKit Templates

AlgoKit templates are a set of starter and production-ready baseline templates for developing and deploying Algorand applications. They are designed to be used as a starting point for developers to quickly bootstrap their projects and focus on the business logic of their applications. Refer to Creating AlgoKit Templates for a general guide on how to create your own AlgoKit templates.




Awesome client libraries, tools, and community utilities sorted by the language of implementation.






JavaScript & TypeScript







Awesome client libraries, tools, community plugins and integrations for IDEs.




Visual Studio

Other Development Tools

Awesome testing, debugging, deployment, monitoring and other tools for Algorand.

Smart Contracts




DeFi Platforms

Awesome DeFi platforms and protocols on Algorand. Please note that this list is not aimed to promote any specific project, but rather to provide a comprehensive overview of the ecosystem. Do your own research before investing or using any of the projects listed here.

Nodes & Consensus Participation

Subscription Management

Awesome subscription management platforms on Algorand. Please note that this list is not aimed to promote any specific project, but rather to provide a comprehensive overview of the ecosystem. Do your own research before investing or using any of the projects listed here.

Security Auditing Services

This section is not aimed to promote any of the companies below, please do your due diligence when researching on options available for audits. Instead, the following is simply aimed to highlight an expanding variety of companies offering smart contract audits for Algorand ecosystem.

Blockchain Bridges

This provides a list of bridges that allow for cross-chain transfers of assets between Algorand and other blockchains.


A list of oracle solutions that allow for smart contracts to interact with the real world.

Name Services

A list of name services that allow for human-readable addresses.

Community Resources

The following contains sections related to open source projects, utilities, and news resources.


A list of open source projects, blogs, websites that are built on top of Algorand.

Algorand Request for Comments

Standards and specs defined in finalized ARCs. The list of all the ARCs can be found here.

Metrics and Analytics Services

Metrics and analytics services for Algorand.

Decentralized voting

Tools for on-chain voting powered by Algorand

NFT Marketplaces

Awesome NFT marketplaces and galleries on Algorand.


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